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Girard mural panels

Exhibition photos - Girard mural panels

Phoenix over Girard Avenue - Panel 1
Girard AvenueGirard Avenue Mural Panels
Girard Avenue between 26th to 31st streets
Philadelphia, PA
The City of Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program (MAP), in collaboration with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and the Girard Coalition, sponsored the creation and installation of these panels as part of a redevelopment iniative that intends to stimulate commerce, increase foot traffic, and grow the population of Girard Avenue, creating a vibrant and exciting commercial corridor.

When seen as a whole, the design of these panels depict a phoenix, the definitive symbol of rebirth, that flies over the Schuylkill river and down a sun-filled Girard Avenue. From left to right it crosses the river and swoops over the industries and neighborhoods. It glides with the music of John Coltrane and Handel and finally rests at Girard College.

These 10 panels which measure 3' x 5', were installed in September 2005.