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" ... brightly colored work, possesses a lovely looseness and lyricism, its graceful forms reminiscent of the ephemeral fantasy forms and chance effects of surrealism. "

New Haven Register, 2005

" Stover's studio reveals his love of art, his love of art history and his love of the materials art is made from. "

Star Publications, 2002

" While encompassing lessons learned from Art History, Stover pictorially chronicles his life’s journey - a voyage often alluding to domesticity, home and navigating the waters of parenthood."

AM Weaver, 2013


Craig Stover
paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture

"From one picture to the next, I'm telling a big story. Part autobiography, part discovery, it's really my life within these pictures. I string along each idea from image to image like a conversation. A lifelong conversation with myself that I get to share with others."

Visit these galleries to view original works by Craig Stover:

Cerulean Arts Gallery
1355 Ridge Avenue
Philadelphia, PA

Accent Gallery
956 Asbury Avenue
Ocean City, NJ

    internet special - prints

A limited number of small edition prints at a reduced price of just $100 each. The first print being offered is Mar (Blue Light)*, 2014. This image comes from sketches made in Surry, Maine in the summer of 2013. The mountain in the distance is Cadillac Mountain. This is a linocut on paper. The image size is 6.5" x 11". There are 8 prints in the edition*. As this is a reductive print, there will be no additional editions made. The prints are being offered unframed and will be shipped via UPS Mail. Click here to learn more about purchasing and to see other available prints.

*There are only 4 copies remaining

Still Life with Cane

    framed prints

A number of new framed prints are available in the online shop of this site. Very affordable, high-quality reproductions of very colorful and dynamic prints for your home or office are available starting at just $42. they come pre-framed and ready to hang. Check out our online shop to see all the different pictures available. There are also large unframed posters starting at just $22 as well as bags, mugs, shirts and more.

Can't find your favorite picture as a framed print? Contact us and let us know so we can create one just for you.

Still Life with Cane

Craig Stover's 100 pictures

    100 pictures

"It's a collosal piece of work, rich with delightful visual experiences and allusions to the world of modern art."

Dr. Burton Wasserman , 2007

110 pages, 8.5" x 11", softbound perfect binding, full-color cover and interior.
Original Price: $36.42
Now just $29.95

Selected from a 10 year time frame, the 100 full-color reproductions gives a clear picture of the wide variety of themes and artist's favorites. Included are examples of The Three Graces, Adam and Eve, Saturn, as well as my Imaginary Botanicals series. Several of the works in the catalog are discussed in detail on the aritst's blog.

Ordering is easy

Interior of 100 pictures

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Bring your copy when you visit the artist's studio to have it signed.


A short video made in 2008 that talks about the creation of a series of small aluminum sculptures. These sculptures are all cut from one piece of aluminum, that are sometimes painted with enamels, and are then bent into shape. This particular one is modeled after a large life sized Joan of Arc statue that resides next to the Philadelphia Museum of Art on 25th street (original pictured left). There are more examples of these sculptures in the pictures section of this site.

Joan of Arc


Another short video that is a time lapse of the making of one of the small aluminum sculptures. This one is titled "Old Scratch" and was made in February, 2014.

    artist-led tours of the
     Philadelphia Museum of Art

Ever wonder what it would be like to take a tour in a museum with an artist? I know that most people really love it because when I bring friends to the museum and start talking about the work, people tend to crowd around me to hear what I've got to say. I've teamed up with a new company called who promote and book my artist-led tours at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I'll take you on a tour that highlights some of the most interesting artworks in the collection and will explain to you why they are important and what they really mean. Each tour will be slightly different depending on the experiences of the group (you don't need a background in the arts, just curiosity).

Learn more and register for upcoming tours

Side Tour at PMA

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